The Strategic Network Using MPLS

2010 In Progress



Date: 2004 - 2007


The main goal of the project is to fulfill the ministry of interior requirements with the highest available technology for connecting the different departments within the ministry with their relevant departments in every governorate within Egypt. The project allows data, voice and multimedia applications over a private, secure and reliable infrastructure to facilitate the decision making and ease of communications between MOI different departments with fast, accurate and reliable system.



The System Topology will be composed of the following:

• Two core Router at the HQ with STM1 connectivity And 30 Voice Gateways for trunking system and One Central Management system.
• The Core Routers to be connected to distribution sites 13 Distribution Edge IP Router and 10 Voice Gateways for the distribution sites
• 46 Customer Edge IP Router with embedded Voice Gateways.
• Rack Housing for all sites
• UPS for all sites for backup operation in case of mains failure.
• Upgrades of the existing routers to the latest version to be complied with the new phase2 infrastructure.