AVL for Signal Department, Ministry of defence

Date: August 2010 - In Progress


BarkoTel Provided Ministry of Defense (MOD) with a complete turnkey solution for an Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) system to provide location and real time tracking services.
This system enables the commander to give instructions to the driver to move to a specific place, the vehicle will be tracked on an online map in the existing main control center, as well as giving a series of reports about the vehicle trip. For example, the Start/Stop moving time of the Vehicle, time and number of stops during the trip.

Project Details: The system consists of:

1- Main Control Center contains the AVL server, database servers and SAN storage .The Control Center will be connected to the MOD CDMA core network, Also the control center will be connected through the routers to the remote clients through the MOD IP network. The AVL Vehicle Tracking application software will be installed on the AVL servers that will graphically display real time vehicle route.

2- 10 Remote sites will include the Client stations that have the AVL application software to be able to monitor report and track the vehicles depending on the configured roles for each user through easy user interface software.


3- The Onboard unit

All the vehicles will be equipped with an on board unit , The On Board unit is
Aplicom A5 GLX-C with inbuilt telematics functionality that is designed for professional applications where driver performance, information and engine data is utilized with the following supported features:

- GPS and Glonass tracking
- Driver identification
- Accurate mileage information
- Power management
- Internal and external events handling and optimized data communications
- Voice call support.

The A5 telematics software sends event based snapshots to the AVL server according to the configuration.

The Events includes : Time interval, Distance, Geofence, Start/Stop moving, Direction change, Driver-ID, IGN on/off, Speed limit, Battery low, Alarm active, Input change, Heading change, A/D threshold, Communication fail, GPS/Glonass status changed, data event from incoming TCP message or connected serial device, harsh braking, acceleration limit.

Digital Maps
The AVL software is running on Egypt Digital map of scale 1:2500 for the cities (Cairo , Alex , Canal cities) and scale 1:50000 for the main roads and high way