About Barkotel:

BarkoTel is one of the largest and most prominent Telecommunication companies in Egypt. The company was founded in 1979 by Eng. El Moataz El Barkouky. providing high telecommunications solutions to its customers by translating their needs into innovative technologically advanced solution, BarkoTel utilizes different types of communication equipment, and highly trained technical staff through which the company offers the best solutions for variety of applications.

Barkotel is one of barkouky international group (BIG) .

This Group consists of Canadian Telecom Overseas (CTO) located in Canada, BarkoTel and Canadian Engineering Company (CEC) located in Egypt, and CTO2000 located in Dubai. Through their co-operation, these companies interact and support each other to offer the best service in Communication Market.

What we do ?!

As being telecommunication systems provider BarkoTel took the responsibility of introducing every new in the field of telecommunications, utilizing a high trained technical staff to offer its customers the best solution that support and enhance their business requirements. Download company profile

Barkotel Approach

  • Our concern is to provide the Egyptian communication market with the latest state of the art in communication services.

  • Our attitude is to offer our customers the best solutions for their applications & to support them with the technical seminars, studies and services. Also to update our customers with new technology applications that meets their requirements.

  • Our principle is commitment to our customers' needs. We believe in the necessity of building a bridge of confidence between the company and our customers, providing continuous technical support and after sales services.

  • Our concept is decentralization, we believe that the best way to achieve our goals is to set specific responsibilities and duties for each department to carry. Each department is considered a profit center that has its own internal policy and administration style. Through the integration of our departments there appears the value of the service we offer.

Our Vision

To be one of the leading telecom integrators internationally delivering integrated telecommunications solutions to help communities and enhance the quality of life. Providing the telecom market with the latest technology while extending reliable and cost effective services to our customers

Our Mission

BarkoTel focuses on the after sales support, Installation & maintenance, which establishes more customer satisfactions and stronger relations, We believe that establishing more reliable maintenance centers will enhance the over all company performance and profitability, as well as greater market penetration and understanding.

Our Strategy

  • Introducing valuable services
  • Providing creative solutions.
  • Optimizing cost with outmost benefits.
  • Growing new trends.
  • Empowering our employees.